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Center for Outpatient Surgery

After Your Surgery


• You are advised to rest and relax for the next 12 hours and to make arrangements to have someone stay with you for atleast 24 hours after your discharge. Avoid hazardous and strenuous activities.

• DO NOT DRIVE any vehicle or operate mechanical equipment for 24 hours following the end of your surgery. Even though you feel normal, your reactions may be affected by the medication you have received.

• Do not drink alcoholic beverages for 24 hours following your surgery.

• In most cases, you will be able to drink clear liquids after your procedure or surgery and then progress to your regular diet as soon as you feel able.
• Any questions of medical nature call your primary physician.

• Most people are able to resume their normal daily activities by the next day (i.e. work or school).

• Although most people do not have any problems, it is important to report any severe pain, bleeding, fever or swelling to your physician.

• Keep any dressing clean and dry as directed by your physician.

• In most instances, you can resume your routine medications.

• A nurse from the surgery center will call you on the next business day to follow up with you on your progress.

• After your procedure, you will be given discharge instructions from your physician that is specific to your procedure.